About Us

order antabuse PARTO Inc. provides high speed image acquisition of the surface of the entire body using visible and long wave-length UV light (Wood’s Lamp), and utilizes machine learning/deep learning to identify cancerous lesions. PartoScan can help medical examiners to rapidly collect photo evidence and help clinicians in the detection of melanoma and other skin cancers at an early stage. PartoScan can also accurately measure the dimensions of the areas effected by other diseases and thereby enable clinicians to objectively evaluate the therapy. http://safeguardgc.com/tel:217-691-9863 benzac acne quanto costa
Several groups have already applied image classification to dermatological imaging.  There is also at least one commercial system on the market that is able to obtain images of the entire body.  However, Partoscan will be able the only multispectral, ultra-high resolution and large depth of filed imaging system that can automatically isolate and analyze portions of the images that correspond to previously identified and new lesions.
PartoScan provides:
  • A standardized scanning system for tele-dermatology with a high level of consistency in image acquisition.
  • Allows dermatologists to maintain a complete historical record of skin lesions
  • Detects cancerous lesions at their very early stages to improve overall patient prognosis.